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The goal of the isoorbi R package is to help you process isotopocule measurements from an Orbitrap Isotope Solutions mass spectrometer. It expects .isox files created by IsoX as input.


You can install the current CRAN version of isoorbi with:


To use the latest updates, you can install the development version of isoorbi from GitHub with:

if(!requireNamespace("devtools", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("devtools")

Show me some code


system.file(package = "isoorbi", "extdata", "testfile_flow.isox") |>
  orbi_read_isox() |>
  orbi_flag_satellite_peaks() |>
  orbi_define_basepeak(basepeak_def = "M0")|> 
  orbi_summarize_results(ratio_method = "sum") |>
  orbi_export_data_to_excel(file = "data_summary.xlsx")

Package layout

Getting help

If you encounter a bug, please file an issue with a minimal reproducible example on GitHub.

For questions and other discussion, please use the isoorbi slack workspace.